Box Review: 2016 Topps Stadium Club

My interest in modern baseball sets boils down to four products: Topps flagship, Topps Heritage, Topps Archives and Topps Stadium Club. Each product represents something different to me- flagship represents tradition, Heritage represents design (I love the older designs, both front & back), Archives represents nostalgia (70s-early 90s for me), and Stadium Club represents beauty.

Stadium Club has always been a set built upon stunning photography and this year’s release is no different. Not only does the set feature beautiful photos, but the images are not the rehashed ones that often find their way into the other Topps products. For many collectors, the anticipation of which new photos they will see on release day has almost become like the anticipation of waiting to see what is under the tree on Christmas morning. As usual, the design takes the back seat, with full-bleed photos and a font similar to that used on 1996 Fleer baseball.

The Lowdown:

Release Date: July 1, 2016

Hobby Box Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 16 packs per box, 16 boxes per case

  • 2 autographs per hobby box
  • 16 base parallels
  • 2 ISOmetrics inserts
  • 1 Triumvirate Luminous insert
  • 1 Legends Die-Cut insert
  • 1 Beam Team insert

The Breakdown:

Box 1:

  • 109 base cards- 9 doubles
  • Autographs (on card)- 2 (Carl Edwards Jr., Ketel Marte)
  • Photo Variation- 1 (Michael Conforto)
  • Gold Parallels- 5
  • Triumvirate- 1 (Hunter Pence-Luminous)
  • Beam Team- 1 (Yu Darvish)
  • ISOmetrics- 3 (Kris Bryant, Joey Votto, David Price)
  • Contact Sheet- 2 (Nolan Arenado, Michael Conforto)
  • Black and White Orange Foil Parallel- 1 (Nolan Arenado)
  • Black Parallel-2 (David Price, Mark Teixeira)


Box 2:

  • 109 base cards- 0 doubles
  • Autographs (on card)- 2 (A.J. Pollock, Miguel Almonte)
  • Triumvirate-1 (Kyle Schwarber)
  • Rainbow Foilboard Parallel #’d/25- 1 (David Ortiz, 19/25)
  • Black Parallel-1 (Andres Galarraga)
  • Gold Parallels-6 (including Trevor Story RC)
  • ISOmetrics-2 (Clayton Kershaw, A.J. Pollack)
  • Contact Sheet-2 (Bryce Harper, Buster Posey)
  • Beam Team-1 (Andrew McCutchen)
  • Legends Die-Cuts-2 (Tom Seaver, Willie McCovey)
  • Buybacks-1 (’14 Stadium Club Ryan Braun)


The two hobby boxes I opened delivered, for the most part, what was promised. One big exception were the parallels- where I only received 8 per box, not the 16 that were promised on the sell sheets. Inserts were seeded at or near ratio but I was a bit underwhelmed with the autographs I received. Hitting one of the short-printed photo variations and the short-printed Foil Board parallel helped ease the pain.

Set builders may want to plan on opening three or four boxes to get the base set. If you’re looking for a product to ‘rip and flip’ for profit, then Stadium Club may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for something fun to break with an affordable price point then this product is just for you.



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