2016 National Baseball Card Day

I received notice on Facebook a couple of days ago that someone had commented on a link to my latest post. He asked if he was doing something wrong- that he was only seeing a couple of paragraphs (one of which was incomplete). Disappointment- no, anger- settled in quickly as I realized that all the work I put in to my National Baseball Card Day post was for naught. It had been lost due to a stupid move on my part. You see, I began the draft on my Mac but finished and published it on my iPad. Later that afternoon, I got back on my Mac and tried to back out of the tab that was open. Problem was, it was the tab which I had been working on my original draft. Once prompted to save changes before leaving, I clicked ‘no’ and thus lost my work. So let’s try this again, in a more abbreviated version…

I had never participated in a National Baseball Card Day before, so I was excited to do so this year. My nearest LCS is around 23 miles away, give or take, and I don’t get over there very often, but decided I would make the trip so that I could add some of the NBCD cards to my Topps collection.

The shop was included on Topps’ list of participating stores and the owner had advertised on Facebook as having packs for the first 100 customers as well as the Kris Bryant card, free with at least a $10 purchase of Topps packs. Determined to be one of the early birds, I left the house early enough to get there when he opened at 10 am.

I walked into an empty shop a couple of  minutes after 10, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem getting some of those much desired cards. I picked out some supplies and then picked six packs of 2016 Topps 2 to qualify for the Bryant card, despite having finished my set (save some of the insert sets). There’s been a little small talk to this point, but no mentioning of NBCD on the shop owners part. At this point two other customers walk in and nothing is said to them, either- so I decide to pay and be on my way. But before walking out I take one more look at a table in the middle of the room, just to see if there is any mention of the promotion. There isn’t, and I walk out vowing to never step foot in the shop again.

My point is this: the hobby doesn’t need hobby shops. You may not agree or even like this statement, but it’s true. In this digital age we now live in, there are plenty of alternatives for buying singles and boxes- not to mention retail stores that carry packs. And as far as a place to hang out and discuss the hobby with others or trade? Yep, I can do that online as well. And what this shop owner fails to realize is this: that he needs us more than we need him. And he failed to connect with this collector.


2 thoughts on “2016 National Baseball Card Day

  1. It’s a sad, but true statement. I have’t been to a card shop or even a show in years. The one local shop just didn’t see to appreciate my business when I would stop by so I stopped shopping there. The shows in my area are drying up and when there is a show, I usually have other plans already made. With Facebook, blogs, COMC and the Beckett Marketplace, I can find what I’m looking for and still interact with other collectors…all from the comfort of my home.


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