Silver Linings

In my previous post I explained how I took part in my very first National Baseball Card Day this past weekend but missed out on the spoils of the celebration. As disappointing as it was, not all was gloomy. The opportunity allowed me to, once again, experience the kindness of strangers in our collecting community.

It was early Saturday evening and I was checking the Facebook feed for a collecting group that I’m a member of. One member posted a photo of the cards he received during his trip to the LCS, prompting a number of comments from fellow collectors. One guy, who I’m presuming owns a shop (or works at one), said they had some singles that customers had left behind at the shop- and if anyone needed some to let him know. I explained to him what had happened to me & that I’d be interested. He replied and asked if there were any players or teams that I collect. I listed a few players I’d be interested in, if he had them, and was surprised by the list of names he was going to send my way. I was even more thrilled when he was still willing to send me the cards, even though I could only come up with three for him.

Scan 200


The cards remind me of an early to mid-90s Upper Deck product, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I don’t collect Upper Deck products (save a few singles), but can certainly appreciate them. Anyway, as one who enjoys oddball stuff, I’ve decided to finish the set and a quick visit to eBay led to a purchase that should help me in completing it.

Hopefully there will be another NBCD in 2017. Unfortunately, my choices in shops is pretty limited.


2 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. I missed out on NBCD but I was just happy to visit a card shop last week. Until you said it I didn’t even think of how the design resembled the old Upper Deck cards, but thats all I see now. I really like them, and might have to search the bay to pick a couple up as well.

    I just found your new page here and I like it and have already added it to my blogroll. I always hear how wordpress is better than blogger but never made the jump yet. Good luck with the new page.


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