Flat-Out Fun

Among the more interesting releases of the late-90’s, Topps Action Flats featured a card along with a plastic figure that resembled one of the most beloved toys among young boys of the twentieth century. Like the wildly popular Green Army Men, the Flats had very little depth to them and featured the player on a plastic base (allowing them to stand). The figures were hand-painted and were produced in both “home” and “away” uniforms- with the “away” uniforms being more scarce. A total of twelve players were included in the checklist.

Scan 201

The Action Flats cards resembled that year’s Topps design (the 1999 set) and featured a gold-foil Action Flats stamp towards the bottom right corner. The photo used on the front was different from each player’s regular Topps issue, while the backs were the same- with the exception of the Action Flats logo and a different card number.

1999 Topps Action Flats Checklist

  1. Chipper Jones
  2. Greg Maddux
  3. Mark McGwire
  4. Sammy Sosa
  5. Kerry Wood
  6. Barry Bonds
  7. Alex Rodriguez
  8. Ken Griffey, Jr
  9. Cal Ripken, Jr
  10. Juan Gonzalez
  11. Nomar Garciaparra
  12. Derek Jeter


  • Retail-only
  • Hanging, plastic-windowed box-featuring one figure/player card
  • SRP $2.99


Collection: Yes, the four pictured above (I think I have a Chipper somewhere, too).

If you have any available for trade, let me know and maybe we can work out a trade.





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