The Final Five

Late last year I decided to stop collecting team sets and instead focus on a run of Topps flagship sets that dates back to the 1976 baseball product. While I was (and still am) in need of a large number of cards, it is a project that is certainly attainable.

As I began this journey, there were two sets from the early 90s that looked like they might be the most difficult to complete: 2001 and 2002 Topps Traded. In the case of the ’01 set,  I already had the two key cards (Pujols RC and the Pujols/Ichiro card)- but very little of anything else.

After keeping an eye on eBay for a few months- and missing out on a couple lots- I finally snagged a lot of the 2001 traded cards for an affordable cost. And between them and the Pujols, Pujols/Ichiro card, I was only missing 5 cards. Well-I’m actually missing more than that, if you count the few dozen reprints that make up part of the set. But I have no interest in reprints (for the most part) and decided that these cards should not have a place in this set and am therefore going to ignore that they exist.

A couple of weeks after the lot arrived, I made a trip over the comc to see if I could pick up the singles that were still on my want list. No doubt they’d have them, but would the price be right? Especially since the other two key rookies from the set- Justin Morneau and Jose Reyes- were still needed.

Scan 93

Well, no worries- the site did have them for a price that was more than reasonable and I now consider this Traded set to be complete. The 2002 Traded set… well, that’s a different story.



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