Off of Cloud Nine

Every collector knows the thrill of finding that last card to finish a set, or that elusive card for your PC. Sometimes the thrill comes in finding a good buy on a single, a set or a lot. But when buying online (or mail-order) remember that old adage of “buyer beware,” because if you don’t pay close attention, you might find yourself coming back down to earth really fast.

Some of my favorite insert sets come out of late-’90s Topps products. While other manufacturers might have been more innovative, Topps were consistently good rather than hit and miss (like so many of the other brands) And, to tell you the truth, I’m partial to Topps.

If you’ve searched for any of the insert cards from that time period, you know how difficult they can be to find. Or, if you are fortunate enough to find them, how quickly your card funds can be drained by purchasing just a few of them. These first world collector problems have led me to, first and foremost, searching out lots when trying to complete a set. Or, even better yet, purchasing a full set at a low auction price.

I found one such set recently- or, what I thought was one such set.

Inserted in 1:72 packs, Topps Clout 9- found in 1998 Topps Series 2 packs- featured the OPS leader for each of the 9 positions (DH, not pitchers) during the 1997 MLB season and a design that was somewhat like a dreamscape. Did I mention the odds for pulling one of these beauties ran 1:72 packs?

Anyway, I did an eBay search recently and found a set, ‘watched’ it  and then decided to pull the trigger on a BIN. All was good… until it came in the mail today and I discovered it was for a set of Topps Chrome Clout Nine. I quickly checked the original listing, hoping it was some kind of error so that I could get what I really wanted. Nope- I didn’t pay close enough attention to the listing.


Having never been much of  a fan of Chrome, I was extremely disappointed upon my discovery. Any one out there have any flagship Clout Nine they’d trade straight up for the corresponding Chrome card? C’mon, collector community- help this numbskull out!

And just an FYI for potential traders: you may not be able to tell from the scan, but the Martinez, Blauser and Walker are refractors.




One thought on “Off of Cloud Nine

  1. Who doesn’t love a good pun-based insert set? Also, Jeff Blauser once lead the team in OPS? He was so bad with the Cubs that I forget he was ever good at baseball.

    Here’s hoping you find a trade partner!


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