I Love the Smell of…

Cardboard. Trades. Completed Sets.

I contacted Tim over at I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning recently to let him know I had the final Topps Market Side Pizza card (Chris Sale) he needed for his set. I also asked if he had any extras to trade, as I was still missing 8 at that point.

He was still looking to finish off his set so I sent him the card and a short time later an bubble mailer arrived with seven of the cards on my want list. That eighth card- I had actually picked it up in the meantime. And so, not only did I help Tim get the last card he needed but he, too, finished off my set! Those are the kind of trades I like! (Well, all kinds!!)


Let’s take a look at these glorious pieces of cardboard, shall we?

Scan 203.jpeg


While not a difficult set to put together, Marketside Pizza was just large enough (50 cards) to require some trading, purchases of lots off eBay, and a little bit of patience in order to complete. And I hope to do it all over again with another set next year.



One thought on “I Love the Smell of…

  1. Brett Alan says:

    I’m actually trying to do this with Opening Day–need about 30 base cards after going through 3 blasters. Have a few Marketplace dupes too. If anyone is looking to trade, email my screen name at gmail.com.


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