The Model for ’16 Flagship?

I’m a Topps flagship collector, so my primary focus during late winter is the Series 1 base set. My primary focus during early summer- series 2 base set. And early fall? Yep, the Update and Highlights base set. When that’s what you collect, picking up those singles is a no brainer. But what about inserts? Funds prevent me from collecting every insert set in flagship, so I have to be more selective.

One insert set from 2015 that I had no intentions of collecting, but eventually added to my collection (well, a few of them, anyway), is the 25-card Baseball Royalty set, found exclusively in hobby and jumbo boxes.


I picked up a couple of different lots off of the ‘Bay this summer and noticed they had a familiar look to them. It didn’t take long to see how they seem to have been a model- even if ever-so-slightly- for this year’s set. Add some color to these things and it might be even more conspicuous.

I don’t know how far I’ll go in trying to complete this thing. Like I said, they can command a few bucks each. But I figured at the very least I can have a nice sample size for the collection.




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