Trade with Red Sox Fan in Nebraska

I recently approached Brad- the Red Sox Fan in Nebraska– about a trade for some cards listed on his trade list. I had quite a few cards from his want list and we quickly struck a deal that both of us were happy with. You can read Brad’s tale of the trade here.

I’m still looking to finish off many of the insert sets from 2016 Topps, so I was very happy to acquire these five from Brad. With Update due in the next few weeks, I feel a little more sense of urgency… I don’t want to fall even further behind on my sets.

First up, the greatest player of his generation… Mr. Ken Griffey, Jr. Or, just call him the Kid.


I like the MLB Debut set but I really wish it was smaller. I’ve been taking any version (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that I can get my hands on, but I prefer the Bronze. They go much better with the borders, IMO.


And finally… Ichiro



Tip of the cap to ya, Brad. Thanks for the trade!




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