No Trick, Just a (Blowout Trade) Treat

I don’t know what the _____ is going on but I’ve been having a a lot of problems with technology recently. Problems retrieving my email (Yahoo), problems with images loading on social media (Twitter, Facebook), my iPad has gone to crap since I downloaded the latest iOs software and WordPress keeps encountering an error when I try to upload photos from my Mac. As a result, I haven’t posted recently and have just now decided to say to hell with it, and use my phone camera instead.

Anyway, enough of my problems… Cards-you visited here to see cards… Today’s featured cards are some I picked up in a trade from a member on the Blowout Forum. Nothing too spooktacular (see what I did there?!), but they knocked quite a few off my wantlist. 

And perhaps those Cubs Cards will be some good juju for the team on the North Side.

Fright Flicks: Presidential Edition

If there’s one thing this election season has shown us, it’s this: politics can get ugly. Hell, politics are ugly. We’ve just never seen it this bad. How bad is it? When I’m not watching the MLB playoffs, Seahawks or BSU Bronco football, I’m tuning in to the boob tube for election coverage. Not to learn about candidate’s policies, mind you, but because it’s like a freaking train wreck. And. I. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

Let’s look to Topps’ Fright Flicks (or, the TFF network) for some commentary…

Scan 241.jpeg

No- but there is election coverage!!


Yes. Yes, it can be.



Yes, Donald, we get it- you’d never even think of sexually assaulting that woman. After all, you do have standards.


I’m not necessarily saying that, it’s just that…well, sometimes people abuse their positions of power.


C’mon, candidate Trump, must you continually put down every woman who isn’t a ‘piece of ass,’ like your beloved daughter?


Like? Like…kitty cats?


He did. Because he’s a “Star”

Scan 238.jpeg

Yes, we know- it’s just ‘locker room talk.’ Right, candidate?



I think I’d rather vote for (and feel safer around) this schmuck than the two mainstream candidates.


Disclaimer- I’m supporting neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and please do not think for a minute that I’m making light of sexual abuse. I am, however, pointing out that this has become the center of the election. I find Donald Trump repulsive and unfit for office. And that conspicuous absence of HRC…  remember, I am spoofing CNN (or whoever else isn’t Fox Network) coverage.






Seahawk Fan Favorite

I had an interesting mail day recently- two separate orders showed up on the same day, each with a card  featuring the same player on the same card design. Different years, however.

Jim Zorn may have been my favorite Seahawks quarterback before RW, but Dave Krieg was a close second. Krieg, who played collegiate ball at tiny Milton (Wi.) College (a school which shuttered its doors two years after Krieg graduated), went from seventh-string quarterback at the NAIA school to undrafted free-agent to starting NFL quarterback. Not only did he make the NFL, but he had a very productive 19-year NFL career. Is it any wonder he was a fan favorite?


The first of the cards, from the 1984 Topps football set, is Krieg’s Rookie Card. You don’t see many skilled-position players whose rookie card appears in their fifth professional season, but, like I said, Dave Krieg wasn’t your typical quarterback.


If I had unlimited funds, I would try to pick-up as many Fan Favorites autos (both football and baseball) as possible. The Krieg has been on my wantlist for some time, but most of the ones I’ve seen were in the $15-$20 price range and I wasn’t willing to pay that much. Holding out paid off for me, as I found this on eBay for less than ten bucks.

A Couple of Babes

At the risk of sounding like that misogynist pig Donald Trump, I present to you a couple of Babes. Sorry, no scantily-clad women here, just a couple of Babe Ruth’s.


I contacted John, a member of the Facebook Keep it Real collectors group, a few weeks ago and offered to send him some singles that were listed on his wantlist. I asked if he had any of the Sultan of Swat inserts from 2015 Topps to send in return; he did, and a trade ensued.

After receiving the above cards, numbers 2 and 6, my wantlist now stands at 5: #1,3,4,7,10. If anyone has any to trade, please let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Time to Panik

I knew I needed to go to bed- it was midnight and, even though I had today off, I still had to get up early to take my daughter to school. But the game was in extra innings and I didn’t want to miss any magical moments. The Cubbies had already blown the lead late in the game and I just couldn’t help but think that they were on the verge of a meltdown. These are the Cubs, after all. And yes,their opponent is the team by the Bay- in an even year. So I awoke this morning to the news that San Fran did, in fact, pull off the win. Could it be time to panic in Wrigleyville?

Yes, it’s panic time- or, at least, Panik time. Joe Panik, that is.


I’ve picked up a number of the short-print photo variations from some of the Topps sets from recent years, one of which is the Panik card from 2015 Topps Series 2.


It was also time I picked up this McCtuchen card. Most of the cards I saw listed on eBay were for $10+ but I was able to pick this one up for 99 cents. No brainer at that price.


Sorry, Rajai, nothing too exciting to report on here.


Nice action shots are always a plus, but shots of players interacting with fans help keep it fun.

There are still plenty of these variations to chase after, but I’m not panicking. They’re just a nice bonus to already completed sets.



T2sday #1 (1-9)

Yesterday I revealed a new collecting interest of mine (non-sport, movie cards) and today I’m going to show off a few from a movie that ranks high on many lists for ‘Greatest Action Film’/’Greatest Sci-Fi Films’ of all-time.

Upon its 1991 release, Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the most expensive film ever made, and its groundbreaking visual and special effects helped the James Cameron-directed film to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Instead of my own commentary, I’m going to turn to the back of the featured cards to tell the story…

He’s Back


#1 Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the role of an unstoppable cyborg from the future, reunited with Linda Hamilton as the woman who knows what the future holds.

The Main Characters


#2 (Top Left) Cyberdyn systems, Model 101. Thirty-five years from now it was reprogrammed by the adult John Conner to travel back in time and protect 10-year old John Conner from a more advanced terminator, the T-1000, also sent back in time.

#3 (Top Right) This beautiful 29-year old woman, who survived a terminator attack in 1984, must protect her young son John from a new threat from the future…a different, advanced terminator, even more terrifying than the first.

#4 (Bottom Left) A boy forced by his mother to grow up in a hurry, young John (Edward Furlong) finds he is the target of an artificial assassin from the year 2029, sent back in time to destroy the future leader of the resistance.

#5 (Bottom Right) A more advanced model than the original terminator, the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) is a liquid-metal warrior- a mercury man- that can alter its appearance and assume the form of unsuspecting human victims.



#6 L.A. 2029- In this nightmare world of the future, human troops engage in desperate combat with advanced machines for possession of the dead earth.

#7 Men Vs. Machines- 3 billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgement Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against the New Machines… and their leader was John Conner.

#8 Endoskeleton Patrol- This murderous  machine resembles a chrome skeleton…a high-tech death figure. Its glowing red eyes compassionlessly sweep the pitted terrain, hunting. It, in turn, is pursued and finally annihilated by members of the resistance.

#9 In Search of John- The re-programmed terminator arrives in present day Los Angeles, appropriates a motorcycle from a startled bike, and sets out in search of young John Conner, who now lives with his foster parents.


My never-ending quest for cardboard sometimes takes a turn from the diamond to the gridiron, with other stops along the way. The latest detour has been non-sports stuff. I haven’t purchased much (yet) but I hope to continue adding some of the glorious Wacky Packages and movie and television sets from my childhood (70s, 80s), as well as more modern GPK and Wacky Packages.

I ran across an eBay listing recently that caused my OCD to shoot through the roof- Fright Flicks. This 1988 Topps offering combines two of my loves: cards and horror movies. While the box price was much higher than I’m willing to pay, I did find a starter lot for a very reasonable price. And with it being October, I’ve decided to feature some of these creepy cards.


The first card features a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 2- one of my favorite horror franchises. Did they get ridiculous? Absolutely. But nobody could deliver a one-line like Freddy.


I still haven’t decided if I will watch the Ghostbusters re-boot. It seems almost sacrilege- kind of like that horrible remake of The Shining. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones to not follow through.

Anyway- the Fright Flicks set featured 90 cards and 11 stickers and I’m about half way to completing the set. If anyone has any singles for sell or trade, let me know. I’ll be posting a want list in the near future.