T2sday #1 (1-9)

Yesterday I revealed a new collecting interest of mine (non-sport, movie cards) and today I’m going to show off a few from a movie that ranks high on many lists for ‘Greatest Action Film’/’Greatest Sci-Fi Films’ of all-time.

Upon its 1991 release, Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the most expensive film ever made, and its groundbreaking visual and special effects helped the James Cameron-directed film to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Instead of my own commentary, I’m going to turn to the back of the featured cards to tell the story…

He’s Back


#1 Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the role of an unstoppable cyborg from the future, reunited with Linda Hamilton as the woman who knows what the future holds.

The Main Characters


#2 (Top Left) Cyberdyn systems, Model 101. Thirty-five years from now it was reprogrammed by the adult John Conner to travel back in time and protect 10-year old John Conner from a more advanced terminator, the T-1000, also sent back in time.

#3 (Top Right) This beautiful 29-year old woman, who survived a terminator attack in 1984, must protect her young son John from a new threat from the future…a different, advanced terminator, even more terrifying than the first.

#4 (Bottom Left) A boy forced by his mother to grow up in a hurry, young John (Edward Furlong) finds he is the target of an artificial assassin from the year 2029, sent back in time to destroy the future leader of the resistance.

#5 (Bottom Right) A more advanced model than the original terminator, the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) is a liquid-metal warrior- a mercury man- that can alter its appearance and assume the form of unsuspecting human victims.



#6 L.A. 2029- In this nightmare world of the future, human troops engage in desperate combat with advanced machines for possession of the dead earth.

#7 Men Vs. Machines- 3 billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgement Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against the New Machines… and their leader was John Conner.

#8 Endoskeleton Patrol- This murderous  machine resembles a chrome skeleton…a high-tech death figure. Its glowing red eyes compassionlessly sweep the pitted terrain, hunting. It, in turn, is pursued and finally annihilated by members of the resistance.

#9 In Search of John- The re-programmed terminator arrives in present day Los Angeles, appropriates a motorcycle from a startled bike, and sets out in search of young John Conner, who now lives with his foster parents.


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