Seahawk Fan Favorite

I had an interesting mail day recently- two separate orders showed up on the same day, each with a card  featuring the same player on the same card design. Different years, however.

Jim Zorn may have been my favorite Seahawks quarterback before RW, but Dave Krieg was a close second. Krieg, who played collegiate ball at tiny Milton (Wi.) College (a school which shuttered its doors two years after Krieg graduated), went from seventh-string quarterback at the NAIA school to undrafted free-agent to starting NFL quarterback. Not only did he make the NFL, but he had a very productive 19-year NFL career. Is it any wonder he was a fan favorite?


The first of the cards, from the 1984 Topps football set, is Krieg’s Rookie Card. You don’t see many skilled-position players whose rookie card appears in their fifth professional season, but, like I said, Dave Krieg wasn’t your typical quarterback.


If I had unlimited funds, I would try to pick-up as many Fan Favorites autos (both football and baseball) as possible. The Krieg has been on my wantlist for some time, but most of the ones I’ve seen were in the $15-$20 price range and I wasn’t willing to pay that much. Holding out paid off for me, as I found this on eBay for less than ten bucks.


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