Craft and Cards: The 2016 Winter Show

As I stated in my previous post, I’ve been having some technical issues here at Casa Collating Cards and as a result haven’t been posting anything of late. For whatever reason, I am still not able to upload photos to ebay or WordPress while on our home network. However, I was successful in doing so on blogger; any tech-savy readers know what’s going on with that? The post you’re reading today only contains photos because I uploaded them on my phone’s cellular network.

Anyway, we had our quarterly card show this past weekend in the most unusual of places. For years the promoter has been holding the show in a hotel conference room, but apparently he has struck a deal with a local brewing company to host the event in the immediate future. And so it was in this setting that I set out to find some cards to check-off my want lists. Yes, there was brewing equipment behind many of the dealers tables, along with the taphaus just around the corner. Craft and Cards!!

The time I had to spend digging through cardboard was relatively small- my wife’s uncle and cousin were in town for the Nike Cross Nationals Northwest Regional (her cousin participated in it), so she and my daughter tagged along so we could attend the meet. I will note that they stayed in the car, meaning that I felt that much more pressure to hurry through from table to table. There was a silver lining, however, in that I had been in contact with one of my dealer buddies via email leading up to the show. We exchanged some of our set needs for 2016 Topps, as well as some of my needs for my Topps Seahawks team sets. 

Though he had my cards ready for me once I got there, I still took some time to dig through some of his singles. I pulled 21 cards from binders and his star team boxes and expected to pay some cold, hard cash. After all, Carl dug out 109 Topps Seahawks cards- ranging from 1976-1992- and I only brought about 6 cards for him plus a 2016 Topps Update Set. To my surprise, he said he was happy with trading straight-up if I was happy with the deal. Heck yes, I was happy. 

I began to think he’d had too many craft brews, thanked him again and moved on. 
I threw a cursory glance at the remaining tables as I made my way towards the exit, with something catching my attention at the second to last table: a 1992 Topps High Number Brett Favre card and a Cortez Kennedy Monsters of the Gridiron card.

 There’s nothing rare or exciting about either card, but I’ve always liked ’92 Topps and the high-numbers were a little harder to come by around here. As far as the Tez Rex card… I’ve always been fond of odd-ball cards and did not have this one of the Seahawk legend. The two cards sat next to each other on the dealer’s table, so it had to be a providential work. I paid  $3 and felt pretty good about leaving the show and spending only the amount of a milkshake.

 If you’re not familiar with the short-printed Third Series, it was produced after the NFLPA and NFL Properties resolved their feud and contained many of the biggest names in the game. These were players who had broken away from the NFLPA and joined the NFL Properties for licensing purposes. And because these players were not a part of the NFLPA when Topps (and the other card manufactures) began producing cards for the 1992 season, they were excluded from the checklists.

One thought on “Craft and Cards: The 2016 Winter Show

  1. Craft beer and baseball cards? What a combination. However, since I’m a running nerd, I would have had a hard choice in picking between watching that Regional meet and the show. Anyway, congrats on the ridiculously good deal!


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