Box Break: 2016 Topps Update

It’s been a strange year for this Topps collector. I was severely disappointed when the design for 2016 Topps baseball was unveiled- so much so that my initial reaction was to just forego collecting the base set this year. I relented, and went ahead and pre-ordered a couple of boxes of Series 1. After all, I had decided I was no longer a team set collector and was going to go work on a complete run of sets dating back to 1976, the first year I began collecting. A funny thing happened on the road to Series 2: I found the design growing on me and I ordered four boxes (I would have ordered fewer, if not for a show I was going to be doing shortly thereafter, as well as to sell on my Sportlots account).

I pre-ordered two boxes of Update, thinking I might fall short of a set from one box. And while I didn’t pull any big-time autos like I did in Series 1, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at the collation in each box. The last time I purchased boxes of an Update product was 2010, and the collation was so bad it turned me off from buying any more boxes- at least until this year.


**Well, my month-long internet problems resulted in our modem crapping out on us a couple of days ago. The good news is that after a number of calls in the last couple of weeks, I was able to finally convince the Century Link tech that I’m having REAL problems and needed a new modem. They charged me for shipping (I paid $22 to have it sent Next Day Air; $15 for regular ground. You do the math) for a *free* modem. Now…viola! I can upload photos.

My favorite base cards from the set:

I was thrilled to see Edwin Diaz’s rookie card included in the Update set. Kid did an impressive job as closer after spending almost his entire professional career as a starter. As far as the other two cards, need I say more?

Box 1

  • Cards towards completing set: 299/300
  • Doubles: 21
  • First Pitch: 6
  • Fire: 5
  • Franklin: 5
  • Ichiro- Chasing 3000: 4
  • 3000 Hits Club: 6
  • Negative: 1 (Rickie Weeks)
  • Gold Parallel: 6
  • Rainbow Foilboard: 3
  • Black Foil: 1
  • 500 HR Club Stamp: 1 (Mark McGwire)


Box 2

    • Cards towards complete set: 300/300
    • Doubles: 20
    • First Pitch: 6
    • Fire: 5
    • Franklin: 5
    • Ichiro Chasing 3000: 4
    • 3000 Hits Club: 6
    • Gold Parallel: 6
    • Rainbow Foilboard: 4
    • Black Foil: 1
    • All-Star Relic: 1 (Max Scherzer)


As of right now I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll try to finish the Franklin set but I think the others will be ones I work towards completing. I have quite a few base singles, if anyone is in need of some of completing their set(s). Let me know your needs!

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