A Couple of Babes

At the risk of sounding like that misogynist pig Donald Trump, I present to you a couple of Babes. Sorry, no scantily-clad women here, just a couple of Babe Ruth’s.


I contacted John, a member of the Facebook Keep it Real collectors group, a few weeks ago and offered to send him some singles that were listed on his wantlist. I asked if he had any of the Sultan of Swat inserts from 2015 Topps to send in return; he did, and a trade ensued.

After receiving the above cards, numbers 2 and 6, my wantlist now stands at 5: #1,3,4,7,10. If anyone has any to trade, please let me know!

Thanks for reading.


Time to Panik

I knew I needed to go to bed- it was midnight and, even though I had today off, I still had to get up early to take my daughter to school. But the game was in extra innings and I didn’t want to miss any magical moments. The Cubbies had already blown the lead late in the game and I just couldn’t help but think that they were on the verge of a meltdown. These are the Cubs, after all. And yes,their opponent is the team by the Bay- in an even year. So I awoke this morning to the news that San Fran did, in fact, pull off the win. Could it be time to panic in Wrigleyville?

Yes, it’s panic time- or, at least, Panik time. Joe Panik, that is.


I’ve picked up a number of the short-print photo variations from some of the Topps sets from recent years, one of which is the Panik card from 2015 Topps Series 2.


It was also time I picked up this McCtuchen card. Most of the cards I saw listed on eBay were for $10+ but I was able to pick this one up for 99 cents. No brainer at that price.


Sorry, Rajai, nothing too exciting to report on here.


Nice action shots are always a plus, but shots of players interacting with fans help keep it fun.

There are still plenty of these variations to chase after, but I’m not panicking. They’re just a nice bonus to already completed sets.



The Model for ’16 Flagship?

I’m a Topps flagship collector, so my primary focus during late winter is the Series 1 base set. My primary focus during early summer- series 2 base set. And early fall? Yep, the Update and Highlights base set. When that’s what you collect, picking up those singles is a no brainer. But what about inserts? Funds prevent me from collecting every insert set in flagship, so I have to be more selective.

One insert set from 2015 that I had no intentions of collecting, but eventually added to my collection (well, a few of them, anyway), is the 25-card Baseball Royalty set, found exclusively in hobby and jumbo boxes.


I picked up a couple of different lots off of the ‘Bay this summer and noticed they had a familiar look to them. It didn’t take long to see how they seem to have been a model- even if ever-so-slightly- for this year’s set. Add some color to these things and it might be even more conspicuous.

I don’t know how far I’ll go in trying to complete this thing. Like I said, they can command a few bucks each. But I figured at the very least I can have a nice sample size for the collection.



Fifteens and Sixteens on Facebook

Although I’ve been a member of a couple of Facebook Collector groups for a year or so, I had never took part in any trades- until recently. I was a little hesitant at first because I did not follow it much (I actually hid them from my feed due to all the people trying to sell- it was dominating my timeline) and really had no idea of who was trustworthy. But I began watching the feeds a couple of months ago and ended up making a couple of purchases and then a couple of sales. The logical next step was to trade and, sure enough, that soon followed.


Scan 204

One recent trade netted me quite a few inserts to go towards the sets I’m building. I was especially thrilled to get the Tony Hawk- not because I’m a fan, but it seems to be one of the tougher First Pitch’s to find. I feel like I’m the first person to actively look for a Bud Selig card. And now I finally have one. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Scan 203

I enjoyed the MLB debut sets from the early 90s but I’m fine with an insert set recognizing the debuts of current stars. I prefer the Bronze but will settle for Silver. It was also nice to get a couple cards from my favorite inserts of the past two years: Record Setters (Altuve) and….


Scan 202



Scan 205

I’m not crazy about The Babe Ruth Story cards- I prefer The Sultan of Swat- but decided to collect it, nevertheless.


Thanks for reading.