Fright Flicks: Presidential Edition

If there’s one thing this election season has shown us, it’s this: politics can get ugly. Hell, politics are ugly. We’ve just never seen it this bad. How bad is it? When I’m not watching the MLB playoffs, Seahawks or BSU Bronco football, I’m tuning in to the boob tube for election coverage. Not to learn about candidate’s policies, mind you, but because it’s like a freaking train wreck. And. I. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

Let’s look to Topps’ Fright Flicks (or, the TFF network) for some commentary…

Scan 241.jpeg

No- but there is election coverage!!


Yes. Yes, it can be.



Yes, Donald, we get it- you’d never even think of sexually assaulting that woman. After all, you do have standards.


I’m not necessarily saying that, it’s just that…well, sometimes people abuse their positions of power.


C’mon, candidate Trump, must you continually put down every woman who isn’t a ‘piece of ass,’ like your beloved daughter?


Like? Like…kitty cats?


He did. Because he’s a “Star”

Scan 238.jpeg

Yes, we know- it’s just ‘locker room talk.’ Right, candidate?



I think I’d rather vote for (and feel safer around) this schmuck than the two mainstream candidates.


Disclaimer- I’m supporting neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and please do not think for a minute that I’m making light of sexual abuse. I am, however, pointing out that this has become the center of the election. I find Donald Trump repulsive and unfit for office. And that conspicuous absence of HRC…  remember, I am spoofing CNN (or whoever else isn’t Fox Network) coverage.







Sweet Garbage Pail Kids of Mine

Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive…

It’s not everyday that you get an artist performing concurrently with two of the largest acts in the world of hard rock (or any other musical genre), so when it does happen, what better way to commemorate it than with trading cards stickers.



Once I saw these bad boys, I knew I just had to have them. I can’t think of another act (or in this case, two) that is┬ámore ripe for a GPK card. With Guns you have Slash and his top hat/hair and with AC/DC, you have Angus and his school boy uniform. And of course there is ‘Fat Axl’ with his handlebar mustache, sitting on Dave Grohl’s throne. Probably no rock star embodies a GPK character quite like Mr. Rose. Hopefully the singer has mellowed out as he’s gotten older. Years ago, Angry Axl would have made the perfect GPK sticker.


At $9.99 shipped, I overpaid when I pulled the trigger on these Topps Now stickers- but what the hell. With a print run of only 495 and no guarantee of Axl working with AC/DC (or Slash and Duff) beyond their booked tours, I wasn’t going to let this one pass my by.